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Dec 4, 2013 4:00pm PST
from the day that adam lanza killed 20 children and six educators at sandy hook elementary school. this will be the first time you will hear these tapes on cnn. i can tell you we came to this decision after hours of discussion and consideration of the context of the news. afterwards, we'll hear from a former congressman who had been tasked with finding a way to better protect our children. but first, this report from deborah. we should warn you, what you're about to hear could be disturbing. >> reporter: the first call came from the school secretary moments after class started. it gives insight into how quickly adam lanza was able to get into the secured building. >> what's the location of the emergency? >> i think there is somebody shooting in here. in sandy hook school. >> what makes you think that? >> because somebody has a gun. i saw glimpse of somebody running down hallway. they're still running. they're still shooting. sandy hook school please. >> seven 911 calls were released. they captured the fear and quiet urgency and lack of panic of those inside and at the police dispa
Dec 5, 2013 4:00pm PST
man, an educated man and he also stressed the need for that. you can't know what's right unless you know what's wrong. so you can't be in a position to demand what's right before you can criticize what's wrong. so he is staying on top of that. he also learned the best way to overcome your enemy is to be smarter. the best way to unite your forces is to be able to give credit where it belongs. he would say he served with me as well as in prison. steve, he did not to go prison because he was killed. but the sacrifices he made. so mandela was able to unite the forces of good wherever they were. whether it was in the other places, in the urban dwellings of johannesburg or capetown. he was able to speak to the high and the low. to let them know it was not just for a few but for all. and did he so not looking out for anything for himself but sharing with others. he is a moral for us, the likes of which we will have a very difficult time seeing a replacement any time soon. >> a lot of people are too young to remember the bitter debate in the 1990s about how to deal with south africa. how to
Dec 6, 2013 4:00pm PST
places that are needed to have folks like ronnie that can have the education and provide the lifestyle that they need to have. but he chose, god chose him to go to that country. to do something. from the comments that we received from the children, and the students and the people that knew him, his goal was accomplished. did he touch people's lives. he did make life different for all the people that he touched. not only here in america but also in libya. >> his family was already back in the u.s. when this happened. do you know how they're doing? >> i'm sure they're shocked and disbelief. i believe the church will have a special service on sunday where his wife and his son will be present there at the church. it will be very touching. because we loved him. and he had the greatest hug, the biggest smile ever. and his life was like he played tennis. no matter he was 6-0, he would run people that played him against him. he was challenged and always come up the best that he could on the tennis court and off the tennis court. i think that's the life he led and the life he wanted t
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3